How to know if you need car suspension repair?

Your car's suspension system absorbs shocks when you drive over bumpy roads. However, your car’s suspension is about more than just your comfort.  

Efficient working of the suspension system is vital for the proper control of the vehicle. A flawed suspension system results in poor braking and poor steering control. After many years of use, the suspension system may get faulty, making repairs essential.

How to know if it is time for suspension repair? You can look for certain signs to know if it is time for suspension repair.

Extremely bumpy rides – The car suspension system is meant to absorb the shock a car undergoes while travelling through rough roads. If your car experiences violent bounces while driving through bumpy roads, then it is a sure sign that you have to check your car's suspension. It could be because your shocks and struts have become faulty.

If you face braking issues – When braking, if your car lurches forward or if you feel instability while braking, it could be a sign of a faulty suspension system. It is said that a vehicle's braking capacity reduces by 20% with a flawed suspension system. If you experience issues with braking, you must immediately repair your suspension.  

Steering issues while turning – When making turns, if you feel the vehicle drift away, it could be a faulty suspension system. You are not in control because the suspension system cannot keep the body of the vehicle stable against the centrifugal force while turning. It could be a dangerous issue that needs immediate repair.

Uneven wearing down of tires – If you notice uneven wearing down of the tires, it is a sign of faulty car suspension. Uneven wearing down means the suspension is not keeping the car stable and hence different tires are experiencing various levels of pressure.

Do the bounce test – One of the most useful tests you can do to check if your suspension is working fine is the bounce test. Park your car on an even surface and with all your weight, press down on the front of the car and try to "bounce" it. If the car continues to rock more than 2-3 times after you have released it, it is a sign that the suspension needs repair.

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