When should I decide on a Brake Service? | A guide to Squeaky brakes

Is it time for you to see a mechanic?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about brakes? Safety. Not only smooth working brakes are an essential part of a soft, enjoyable car ride; they also play a paramount role in the safety of everyone involved. 

Needless to say, squeaky brakes can be a cause of major discomfort for any driver. Simply the idea of something not running smoothly down there will turn any car ride into a crippling anxiety journey. 

Do you hear a squeaky noise every time you touch your brakes? Did it progress to constant squeaking? Or worse, has it begun grinding?

Before you start wondering if your tires need repairing or if you are overdue for an oil change, here is an example of what might be happening inside your car and if you need to be worried. 

Why do your brakes make noise

In our auto repair shop, we deal quite often with a phenomenon when your brakes have gone “metal on metal”. Below is a little snippet of what the situation will be when you get to that “grinding noise”.

Notice all the grooves on the rotor and the top of the pad near the technician’s finger. Those are the contacts that went “metal on metal”. Not only does it increase your bill at the auto service, but it also can be very dangerous.

What happened in this case, is your brake calliper (which pushes the pad against the rotor and creates the pressure to stop the vehicle)  overextended and blew the seal which caused the loss of fluid (pressure). At this point, you lost your brakes entirely, and you will have a very hard time stopping.Not only this situation can be life-threatening, but it will also cost you a fortune at the auto repair shop

How much will it cost to repair your brakes?

If you act quick on that pesky squeaking, you might just need to replace your brake pads. A price for such a job will be around $150, and it’s a quick, easy fix. However, if your situation progressed to the case above, you will have to replace the rotors, and possibly even the callipers, changing the bill to somewhere between $350-$1000.

Take it from our mechanic: get your car in as soon as you hear that squeaky noise and enjoy a smooth, noise-free ride after.

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