Issues with a Noisy clutch?

Few tips before you call a Car mechanic

As with many things in life, automobiles are beautiful to possess, but they too require periodic maintenance. Some are quick fixes while others take much longer and may also end up costing a lot. One problem that surfaces quite often in this category is a noisy clutch.

Opting for a stick shift can be one of the default feature picks for a car enthusiast prior to selecting a car, SUV or a truck. For starters, a stick shift demands greater driver engagement and concentration, but it undoubtedly extends a greater driving comfort for those who aspire to be in control of the driving experience.

Driving a stick shift can be an enriching experience for the avid driver. However, it could also keep you frequenting the auto repair shops if you fail to pay attention to the early warning signs of wear and tear.

When should I find an Auto Repair Shop?

Yes, our cars make different sounds all the time, and most car enthusiasts are not automotive repair experts.

Have you been hearing a rattling noise from inside your manual transmission? Here is an example of why you should take it in and get it looked at.

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This is most often the culprit; the Throwout Bearing. Now over time, these bearings have a tendency to wear out as any bearing will. After all, they are constantly spinning at fast rates which generate lots of heat.

In this particular case, the Throwout bearing completely fell apart, and the ball bearings fell out into the bell housing and caused further damage. This in turn damaged the bolts, the pressure plate, as well as the flywheel, which will all need to be replaced now.

As the saying goes: “ Prevention is better than cure” . All of this could have been avoided if the vehicle had routine checks at the auto mechanic.

In case you want to dive deeper and understand your mechanic’s terminology, here is the detailed article on Throwout Bearing and all its components.

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